Our Programs

We offer care for toddlers from 19 months of age up to 12 years from 7am-6pm daily.

We also offer a Sun Fun program during July & August open 7am-6pm daily!

Welcome to the Hillhurst Sunnyside Community Association Child Care Programs – Hillhurst Sunnyside Daycare (HSDC) and Out of School Care (OOSC). We are a licensed and full accredited program in Alberta. Our programs primarily serve residents of Hillhurst Sunnyside and children who attend Hillhurst School, but we also accept other enrollments based on space.


Parent Handbooks

OOSC: Hillhurst Sunnyside OOSC information sheet 2018

Hillhurst Sunnyside OOSC information sheet 2017


HSDC: HSDC Parent Handbook 2017