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Hillhurst Sunnyside Daycare Position: Primary Caregiver

Location: 1320 5 Ave NW Hillhurst Sunnyside Community Association

Reports to: Daycare Manager

About us We are a non-for-profit community run child care program that focuses on quality care (we are licensed and accredited) and community. We are also one of the 5 centers in Calgary chosen to be a designated Early Learning Child Care Center. As an ELCC we will be implementing the Alberta Curriculum Framework for daycares, “Play, Participation & Possibilities”. We seek to enable the children in our care to be healthy and vibrant members of their community and to form a community for our caregivers where they are individually valued & form a part of our family. We are a team of 15 primary caregivers, 3 team support staff, cook, 2 Managers and Alternate Manager. The daycare services 64 children and additionally we service 70 children in our out of school care program.

We are looking for a primary caregiver who will be responsible for the proper supervision & safety of the children in their room as well as emergent curriculum observations and planning for their room.

Wage Scale: *New hires receive .50 cents less for the first 3 months

Child Care Assistant: $14.00/hr plus Government top ups $2.14/hr

Child Care Worker: $15.25/hr plus

Government top ups $4.05/hr

Child Care Supervisor: $16.75/hr plus Government top ups $6.62/hr *Pay may be negotiated based on experience as the pay scale recognizes 2 and 4 years of experience with wage increases

*We offer an employee health benefits plan with Sun Life Insurance as well as paid vacation and sick days

Full position description: primary staff job ad – daycare